Barriers Removed

Help us remove barriers for people with disabilities.

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  • United Artist Movie Theater East Hampton:   (complied with ADA, then rest of country) There were no spaces provided for wheelchairs in the theaters, the bathrooms, snack counter, phones all were not accessible and there was no assistive listening system...     Read on...
  • Bridgehampton School elevator:   In 1997 a mother of a child in a wheelchair attending the School called EEDG asking for help. He was never able to get to classes such as Science or Art because there were only stairs, no elevator to those floors, NO access to those classes for him...      Read on...

  • Guild Hall compliance:   As ticket holders waited to enter Guild Hall Saturday to attend one of the biggest events of the four-day Hamptons International Film Festival, a contingent of protesters picketed the cultural center. They were demanding better access for the disabled...      Read on...

  • Many local schools became compliant

  • Local businesses became compliant

  • Bank of NY

  • ADA adopted in local code by East Hampton Town and Village

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